Daily verse with purpose: Harper Lee

Harper Lee to publish Mockingbird sequel

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4 thoughts on “Daily verse with purpose: Harper Lee

  1. This idea of advice is one many struggle with. Its not about being given instructions, or recipes, or after thoughts, but is, I think, about a summary of thought, freely offered, that reflects one person’s consideration on the task or tasks that have preoccupied them for probably a lifetime. Now how one responds to that is about firstly being open to the receipt of that advice (I regard it as an honour when I am offered it) and then being willing to take the risk that the advice implies- that’s the bit that people find hard. What works for the adviser may not work for the one being advised; and yet if the person being advised can take from that advice a sense of intention, of the journey they have been on, perhaps to avoid pitholes or distractions, or, more likely, to urge their advisee to action, and with it the risk of failing, that is where advice can end. If on the other hand it is seen as a coaching tool, then advice becomes something else; a hand hold, a push up, a fresh pair of eyes or legs, a pointing out of the view, then advice can be transformative. It’s the difference between being told and being coached, and only the one being given advice can perceive it as such, so it’s a risk.
    Many may have been given advice by their Mother, sometimes later recalled with humour; explore what that was about, and you may discover that advice comes with many other layers- good intention, and yes, love as well.

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