Identity: ACRONYM

I’m happy to share with you that my poem ‘Acronym’ has been published on Poetry Corner, under theme “Identity: All of Me”. This is my third poem published outside and it’s starting to be exciting 🙂

8 AM

It’s time for a square outfit


Smile No.3

I look further in my agenda:

7 PM

My apron is due,

Pizza Hut perfume.

11 PM

I’m a wild cat

with lipstick, cherry red.

So many roles to play:

Daughter, Mother

Sister, Friend

Colleague, Boss

Student, Teacher

Wife, Lover.

So many acronyms to wear:

Miss, Mrs.

B.Sc., M.Sc


When it’s time for me?

To wear I?

by Maja S. Todorovic

Maja is an educator and writer, currently living in the sunny Hague. When she is not busy with rhyme, she munches on the bowl of fruit and pretends to do some yoga – or at least that’s how she would like to spend her time.

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