7 actionable strategies to attract more readers to your poetry blog


Did you know that the roughly estimate of number of blogs on the Internet is over 150 million?

And no doubt we as writers do want to find new, interesting ways to attract readers and popularize content. To cut through all that noise of useless information, spam, adverts…it comes especially hard for poetry blogs, since traditionally we are more accustomed to read poetry in books and magazines. But more and more social media networks like Instagram are taking place and becoming a great resource for finding fresh and inspirational poetry – and you do want to take advantage of that.

Today I want to share with you some actionable ways that I have observed to work (especially for some popular poetry blogs here on the wordpress.com platform) and you can easily apply in your blogging scheme to attract more readers. But first of all, be aware that it takes time and persistence. Many of the high visited and read blogs are ‘in business’ for years and their success didn’t happen over night.

  1. Analyze the direction of your blog and readjust your writing sails accordingly

Focus of the blog: do you post only poetry or do you blog also about personal stuff, writing tips, non-fiction articles, ext? Analyze your stats and see which of your posts are most visited and popular. It will give you a clue to what kind of topics are your readers most attracted. If they are not poetry related, than you might need to readjust your focus that dominant part of your writing is poetry. Initially you might lose some of the subscribers, but always keep in mind why do you blog and who you would like to read your blog. Shape your writing according to that.

  1. ‘Poke’ other bloggers

I do believe that the intricate purpose in every blogging attempt is connection and sharing. Link with other bloggers with similar affinities.

That can go by:

  • participating in conversations on other blogs (like comments), which will divert attention to your blog and content as well;
  • offer some type of collaborative work (writing a collaborative poem, story, initiating a challenge or a guest post);
  • interact with your readers – always respond to comments as it is the basis of building the trust between you and your reader – you are increasing the likelihood of reader to share your content/poem.

One of the biggest features in blogging in last couple of years is that this the era of engagement and there you should pour most of your energy. Engage your readers and with your readers in any form – it’s the key to attracting more traffic.

  1. Go visual, where applicable

Poetry is about beauty of language and words – we should never forget that. For traditional blogging format, I still believe that accent should Β be on the background and space that allow words to pop up. But blogging trends are changing and you might want to stir up things by pairing your words with adequate visuals which can contribute to your poetry to become even more appealing to the reader.

As I mentioned, Instagram is fostering some great poetry networks and communities. Share your work in the form of engaging photos, videos and you are opening the doors to completely new type of readership.

  1. Post regularly

Google loves fresh, unique and interesting content so update your blog frequently. People will have more reasons to come back, read and share your poetry.

  1. Share your poetry on different poetry platforms

Allpoetry.com and poemhunter.com are useful resources for you to publish poetry especially as a newbie blogger and poet. You can get very good feedback for your writing and increase exposure of your work.

  1. Share your publishing progress and success

This I find especially important if you want to connect with other poets in the blogosphere as sharing your experience can impact and give additional inspiration to other poets when it comes to submitting their work.

  1. Be you – everyone else is already taken

Poetry offers unique experience so your writing will attract unique readers. Most of the tips given here are proven to work, but at the bottom of the line there are no strict rules what grows one blogs – especially when it comes to poetry.

Be yourselfΒ and enjoy your creative process – these are the two most important merits. From that space of trustful and peaceful enjoyment , your work will find most intriguing ways to captivate your readers.

Do you have any interesting strategy for attracting more readers to your poetry blog? Please share in the comments below.

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109 thoughts on “7 actionable strategies to attract more readers to your poetry blog

    1. I believe that all comes to what are your goals and intentions: if you blog just as a creative outlet, then I would say , go with a flow. But if we write for more professional reasons, like portfolio of our work – then it’s better to have more consistency to attract the right audience. πŸ™‚

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  1. Great tips Maja. I love blogging as a creative outlet for my photography and poetry which I combine. I am finding that I don’t know which comes first anymore – sometimes the photo inspires the poetry and sometimes it all just comes together in a thunderclap when I see an image and pair it with an older piece. The journey is so personally inspiring. I also use my blog as a personal writing space so have a few posts a week that are of that type of content. I had worried that I was getting a little all over the place as also throwing in the odd book review now and then but I am hoping that if the basic framework of poetry, photography and personal philosophy carries the blog strongly enough then my readers will put up with my detours. I hope so anyway and will study the analytics as you suggest in another month or so and use that for direction. Sorry for the long comment however I found your post very insightful and thought provoking so thankyou for sharing πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 2 people

    1. No problem, thanks for sharing your thoughts. It all boils down to what you want to accomplish and from there to develop your blog. I for instance, I’m thinking of taking this blog to a more professional level and integrate it with other things I’m doing so possibly soon it will have a makeover.
      But if you think that things as they are, are working for you, than you should simply carry on and enjoy your writing. That’s always the most important thing. πŸ™‚

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  2. Connection, attention to the audience and mutual respect are very important. I found your post on Martha L Shaw’s blog and had to stop by for a read. There is so much useful information on how to maintain a reading audience, it seems a wonder that so many newer bloggers are struggling. Good advice is always welcome. xoxoxo

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  3. This is great advice. Thanks for taking the time to compile it. The bit about poking other bloggers is very useful – writing and the online life can be lonely, so connections and feedback do make a difference.

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  4. This is so helpful for a new bloogger like me….. Thank u so much for sharing such wonderful thoughts……….
    U can check out my poems and if you like feel free to follow back … Thank u

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  5. Thank you for bringing attention to visuals. I have often contemplated adding images to my poetry posts but have struggled with the idea of directing readers to see something they might not have otherwise seen. Poetry for me is so visceral and is a personal experience, I am very grateful for your reminder that there is also a very practical side to sharing it.

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  6. I just started a food blog and appreciate your advice. I’m also enjoying reading blogs about all sorts of things like poetry, Art, food, exercise. The blogging community is very interesting, i never knew what i was missing before

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  7. This is very helpful to me as a newbie. I’m still on the first bit which Is analysing my contents. I have no directions yet still trying to see which posts are more interesting to many πŸ™‚

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  8. I’m a definite newbie at this world of blog, and your article, “7 actionable strategies” I’m soaking up and finding your advice interesting and helpful, thankyou.

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