NaPoWriMo: Day 2

Prompt: Get acquainted with your creative side

For this daily prompt think of certain words like:




inner voice




and try to picture in your mind, metaphorically, what kind of living being each word could be? What kind of associations does it bring? Is it an animal, plant, flower, tree, insect, child, another person, describe everything in detail, write a short story about it. It will help you reconnect with your creative force to more vividly sense what it means for you to be alive, creative – where to search for your passions and purpose.

A voice looking for mouth to rent

You tickle me. (I try to cough.)
Like accidentally swallowed dog hair, you tickle me.

Why are you trying to climb up my throat? Don’t collect words,
it’s already midnight, I need to sleep.

I know you are there, but I don’t have time for you right now.
Maybe tomorrow we could talk?

I can’t borrow you my mouth. It’s already rented to pain.
Don’t jump over my tongue! Teeth are white bars keeping you safe…

…until ache subsides and then I will listen to you as you bath
on the surface of my cherry lips.

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