NaPoWriMo: Day 3

Prompt: Let gratitude empower your creativity

Here are some ideas where to start:

  1. Read something inspirational at the start of your day;
  2. Imagine experiencing your good;
  3. Celebrate your small everyday victories;
  4. End your day with thinking of 3 things you are grateful for.

Poetry does have that restorative power, so use it into your own advantage: as you might pour out those negative feelings in your poetry, try also to step back and write your poem about all the good things in your life, that you love and care about. The more you write, the more things you will find you like about your life.

That look. Just one look into your eyes,
blue skies full of possibilities to bright up
my days. Smile becomes natural thing
and I don’t ask questions ‘who am I’?
Being vulnerable and open is all I seek.
No fear, no judgment. That look, just one
look into your eyes, clean and innocent as
midnight rain reminds me how it is to be alive.
Thank you for that look. Just one look into your
eyes telling me I am enough.

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