NaPoWriMo: Day 12

Poetry prompt: Dive in the absurd

In the paper “Connections From Kafka: Exposure to Meaning Threats Improves Implicit Learning of an Artificial Grammar” authors argue that experiencing (reading, hearing or seeing) something absurd like surreal art or literature can increase pattern recognition of association unrelated to the original meaning threat. In other words, mind always tries to justify, explain what it experiences and “nonsense” art forces mind in faster mode of thinking to recognize what body senses.

So for today’s challenge give your attention to something abstract, surreal. You can visit an art exhibition, read an abstract poem or story and let your mind drift, loosen up from everything you were trying to accomplish. Let your mind “recharge” this way.

Me and the dragon

Two-faced, stringy dragon is sitting on my lap.
A mignonette, a pretend-to-breathe skeleton
with sharp tail and closed eyes.

If I open its mouth shall I find
a jar full of golden coins or flickering
tongue will burn as expected?

With bowed head I shake my new toy,
deflating its empty entrails, frittering
with my small fingers still smiling doll.

Playful eye, khaki button dropped off
facetiously rolling on the carpet.
Precious in appearance, yet deceitful
the first lesson in what real treasure
was over.


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6 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo: Day 12

  1. Hi, Maja! I am really loving the prompts. I have been using them for my posts everyday! Sometimes I end writing my own thing, not really what the prompt asked lol but I love that they get me thinking and make my creative juices flow! Thank you, hey. Will be using them the whole month.

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