NaPoWriMo: Day 13

Poetry prompt: Limit yourself on purpose

This might sound strange at first but when you think about it- it might be true. Often we try to find the solutions to new problems by exploring already familiar models and build our new denouement on old foundations. Furthermore, when we have too many options or resources, we try to incorporate everything and unnecessarily over-complicate solution we are seeking. When we put restrictions on what we can use and what path we should follow, it can actually boost our creative thinking. Here I suggest you improvise a bit with your solution, tackle it from different perspective and simplify your approach. It can be that final “click” you need in your mind to move thinking in right direction. For this prompt, challenge yourself to write a story consisting of only 140 characters, using key words that are crucial for your project, idea or writing. Than you can continue your writing from there in the same fashion, you can tweet about it, play with it and see how it goes. The important thing is to train our mind to work at defined conditions and limited resources.

Spring thunderstorm electrifies the sky above us –
just as the warmth of your hand

my heart.

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