NaPoWriMo: Day 15

Poetry prompt: Dare to compare!

Everyone once in a while faces a challenging situation to solve some problem, find an answer to a question; brainstorm an innovative idea. And that got me thinking: what if we challenge ourselves even more? What would happen with our creative flow? Now, I’m not thinking about putting pressure on ourselves, yet we all know we can ‘move’ ourselves towards productive creativity through certain exercises, but creativity is still kind of unpredictable. What I mean by challenge, I mean challenging us by comparing the problem to something else.

In poetry is very well known technique called similes. Its purpose is to compare two things, so examples of simile poems include any poem that makes comparisons using the words “like” or “as.” Two things compared don’t have to be alike (in poetry usually they are not), and they create different images in our mind, making correlations and connections that doesn’t actually exist.

So for this exercise your goal is to use at least one simile in your poem.


Some threads are broken.
Some threads forgotten.
I am a kitten lying in wicker basket
and I sharpen my clutches.

I want to scratch the sky and catche
a white mice, dragging his daily tail
upon me, always one mile ahead.
I am an owl with wide open eyes
reaching for higher branch with each
midnight hour. Insomniatic heart beats,
dances as dawn approaches. Feathered
in dim lights of a distant city, dusted
with each unspoken breath, space opens
up for rusted wings.

I am a jelly fish, transparent and naked
easy to read like an open book,
hooked by the rustling waves in melancholy
of dark freedom.

Somewhere, there is a shore
with purple sands, forming and erasing all
imagined threads, forming
new ones, under the vaults
of pesky fins, leaking like
sour milk from a plastic tin.

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