NaPoWriMo: Day 14

Poetry prompt: Play with the “what if” clause

Take your problem or writing idea and try to look at it from the “What would happen if….?” point of view. It’s a great way for creativity “spikes” that we all need when we feel stuck and lack inspiration. It’s also a great starter for your writing of a poem, story and will initiate many new creative thoughts to come forth.

What if?

Your dreamy face floats on my pillow.
With smile, it makes me wonder:

What if I am your morning shower?
I would relentlessly bath you in
sparkling silver water, pour over your masculine body
and search for the tiniest pores on your firm skin
to get forever lost in you.

What if I am the button on your shirt?
I would be the one, resting on your chest,
one that listens to whispers of your heart,
and sometimes bounces, jumps and shakes
in the rhythm of your loud, silly laugh.

What if I am your evening glass of wine?
I would caress your lips with shiny kisses
and be the one red drop that tickles your tongue
and inebriates your senses.

What if you and me,
two clenched and shriveled bodies
stay forever locked in this moment?

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