NaPoWriMo: Day 19

Poetry prompt: Reduce

Try to find a poem that you dislike, that you feel negative about and simply wreck it! That’s right: tear it apart! I don’t mean tearing the physical paper, but omit, reduce, erase, everything from the poem you don’t like and use it as the basis for writing a new one – in a way that feels and sounds right to you. This little, simple exercise can be really helpful later in your own writing.

If starry space no limit knows
And sun succeeds to sun,
stars are born and stars die
‘Mid countless constellations cast
just only one from you and me
moonly and dearly
to frame our destiny.

Just think! A million gods or so
will play in fortune telling game,
how long shall our love last
the Deity supreme.
It’s the only true God that exists
govern by feelings, never left for redeem.

For look! Within my hollow hand,
I hold a single grain of sand
minuscule, pointless but vast
huge in the airy dust
With each kiss earth is shaking

always new shapes making
with each breath and each touche
new prayer to the sky
to Love Divine – as such.

*adapted from Robert William Service poem ‘A Grain of Sand’.

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