NaPoWriMo: Day 20

Poetry prompt: Recycle

This one is similar to the previous, but it refers to your own writing. Find something that you wrote long time ago, when you were in a different mood, influenced by other circumstances and give your writing a make-over. Use your own writing as an inspiration for your new poem, dress it in new words, develop stanzas out of sentences and see where it takes you.

What’s the color of pain?
Is it yellow? For long time I thought it was yellow!
You know the yellow pain you have when Sun bursts into your eyes and skin
wanting to become dark red, like squished cherry tomato, but stays yellow!
Or like the pricking lemon juice in your mouth and your tongue just absorbs icy breath.
Or is it blue? Like the mirror of my body in the near puddle before I carelessly stumble in it?

I would like it to be…like to! Why green?
Because it reminds of grass blades in my hair when we played in the woods last summer.
But this pain, is just hollow, transparent lost in between days
of meaningless things, searching for its color, hoping to find rainbow you took away.

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