NaPoWriMo: Day 21

Poetry prompt: Mix and match

Below are written couple of words:

sky table spice medicine
hope flesh doing escape
inevitable immense minuscule golden-brown
chew pull face inhale
in between cryptic soft people

Write three haikus or very short poems, using in each poem one noun and one adjective from the list above.

I look for one face:
One that softly reflects warmth

As I sit at  this cold, marble  table
On which immense end shall I search for you?

Countless people, minuscule like chess figures
They defend the king with their burning wooden bodies.

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2 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo: Day 21

  1. Business in rhyme, isn’t it about time you actually sounded like it?

    Chew on this golden brown noun,
    you have no rhythm to be found

    bang your drum, shout and cry to the sky
    beg and plead, asking why, oh why Lord
    can it be…

    that I’m as musical as a tree leaves rustle
    and blow the puzzle apart
    spiralling twirling
    I dart aim
    and in simple measure take great pleasure in mocking: that whay, hey
    try again doll
    want to play?

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