Write a book – without even knowing it!

micheal butor

I’ve always been curios and hungry for knowledge: to explore, research and eventually tell the world about my findings. My first intentions were never to become a writer or published author, but with time I evolved into one. The funny thing though is, that in my early school years I never liked to write literally essays and school approach to poetry was dreadful! So my early inclinations towards poetry, quietly faded away, until few years ago when my interest simply rekindled itself and I began to experience so much benefits from writing and reading poetry.

At the University, writing scientific papers and factual reports became very natural to me. When I seriously decided to devote to academic career this type of writing and communicating were so habitual that writing papers had its own flow and rhythm. Pretty much the same was with my lectures.

And before I knew it, I actually wrote a PhD thesis. And a PhD thesis with little modifications became one book. My lectures with little wrapping and structure became my second! I’ve published so far three books (and I think right now I’m working on my forth 😉 ).

So what I want to say is that there are endless ways how you can write a book, without even a real intention on writing it. It’s important that you enjoy writing. It might develop into something significant or not. Who knows? But as long as you invest yourself in the process, without thinking too much on why and how, your real literally genius will shine through.

Did you know for example that The Artist’s Way “hatched out” from a sheet of paper with tips for Julia Cameron to give to students at her writing classes?

Or that  Escape from Cubicle Nation originates from blog post series?

For you is important to track and record your ideas; something that you have already written – is it finished or you want something else to add to it?

In other words, if you so desperately want to write a book, try not to write one!

Maybe you already have a blog, a diary, jotted collection of articles, short stories, verses, quotes, thoughts, questions, lectures…?

Maybe you’ve written a thesis, a paper or already have undeveloped e-book?

Or you like to record your thoughts with your smartphone or even have a gallery of pictures that you find inspiring?

All of that can be turned into a book, worth reading and worth publishing – as long as it represents who you are, your values and your true nature.

In this post I further explore professional benefits and opportunities you can experience by being consistent in your writing.

Your life is actually a book you write every day – you choose how you leave your mark. I vote for ink and paper!



12 thoughts on “Write a book – without even knowing it!

  1. This is so true. I’m working on my third manuscript… But I’ve realized a lot of blog post topics and poetry I’ve written can be used as a book. Also my journals have become a huge resource for life. I reread them often and much of the material shapes writing.

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